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The title menu is used to maintain data for the currently selected title in the local database or on the web service.

Local Title Maintenance

Concerned with maintaining titles in the local database for personal use.

  • Add Titles - adds title(s) to the local database
  • Change Title Source and Data - changes the source of the title's data to the My Movies web service, performs an Update Title after changing the source
  • Update Title - updates the title's local data to that found on the My Movies web service
  • Import Front Cover 1 - replaces the title's front cover
  • Import Full Cover Scan 1 - replaces the title's front and back covers 2
  • Delete Title - deletes the title from the local database

Web Service Title Maintenance

Concerned with migrating data from the local database to the web service to be used by all users.

  • Contribute Title Cover 3 - uploads the local cover to the web service
  • Contribute Title Data and Cover 3 - uploads the local cover and data to the web service
  • Contribute Title Data 3 - uploads the local data to the web service
  • Report Incorrect Data 4, 5 - reports to the moderators that the currently selected title's data and/or cover is incorrect

1 see the forum post "Cover Art Submission Standards- read if you are uploading cover art" for information on cover image standards
2 if the image is the proper ratio, the software will split the image into front and back covers and replace both, otherwise it will just replace the front cover
3 be sure to read and follow the Contribution Guide
4 report any titles which do not follow the Contribution Guide
5 you may make the correction and contribute it before reporting, however, doing so may result in not recieving points for the contribution

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