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Installation In a Windows Home Server Environment

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Required Software


Optional Software

Since Windows Home Server will only be used as server for My Movies clients you will probably want to install at least one client


Server Installation

  1. Unzip the My Movies Server Edition x86 install package on your local machine
  2. Copy the unzipped files to a folder on the Windows Home Server machine
    • You may want to make a note of this location
  3. Remote Desktop into the Windows Home Server machine
    • Log in as Administrator
  4. Navigate to the My Movies Server Edition x86 setup folder which you copied over
  5. Prepare Setup.exe to run
    1. Right click on Setup.exe
    2. Choose Properties
    3. Windows Home Server will recognize this file as being copied from another machine and have it blocked
    4. Click "unblock"
  6. Run Setup.exe
  7. Follow the normal setup proceedure
  8. Wait for setup to complete
  9. Configure the Firewall - more info
    1. Open Control Panel
    2. Select Windows Firewall
    3. Create an exception for File and Printer Sharing
    4. Create an exception for SQL Server Express
      1. Choose the Exceptions tab
      2. Click Add program...
      3. Locate the file sqlserver.exe (by default it is located in [Program Files]\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\Binn)
      4. Click Add program...
      5. Locate the file sqlbrowser.exe (by default it is located in [Program Files]\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Shared)
  10. Run the Collection Management application one (1) time to initialize the database
  11. Close the Collection Management application
  12. Close the Remote Desktop session


Client Installation

  1. Run the My Movies client installation from the downloaded MSI file.
  2. Wait for installation to complete
  3. Open the Collection Management application to connect to the server.
  4. When prompted, enter your Windows Home Server machine name or ip address
    • Do not add \\ or anything else to the machine name or ip address