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Collection Management - Box Set (Multi-Title) Entry

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Caution: WIP - this is not complete or accurate at this time...

(Current procedures for processing box sets - hopefully a better system will be developed in future versions of My Movies)


Note: A Box Set is a collection that contains unreleated, multiple titles. Because of this - they need to be processed slightly differently than a "single-title" entry.

Note: If you have a multi-disc set such as "The Simpsons - Season 1" - this is not considered a box set and you should not follow these instructions. Instead, treat your data entry as a multi-disc title.


For purposes of this discussion, "Box Set" will refer to either Box Sets or multi-title discs.

Some information required to process a box set it obvious, some is not.

Some information required to process a box set is valid, some is not.

The required number of line item entries = (# of movies in the box set) + (box set)

The Box Set "Place Holder" is entered with the actual UPC.

If available, the Individual Movies contained in the set are entered with their own, unique UPC (most times, they are not available). If there are no UPC's assigned to the box set contents - the individual movies are each entered with a generic UPC "000000000000" (12 zeros). Be sure to check with the web service (search by title) to see if someone has already entered and uploaded the info for the individual movies - to prevent duplicate entries. If there are multiple hits with the title - you should verify the front cover image to select the proper download (and then confirm using the disc ID).

If you search by inserted disc id - the web service will identify the contents if previously uploaded - eliminating confusion and extra work. If the contents are unknown (or improperly entered previously), you will need to either correct or created the required information. To help facilitate this search - disc id's should be entered for both the box set place holder and for the individual movie entry (same disc id in 2 different records).

To remind everyone that they are working with a box set - the disk label should reflect this - as well as the movie title:

Box Set Disc 1 {Die Hard 1 - Main Feature} Box Set Disc 2 {Die Hard 1 - Bonus Materials} Box Set Disc 3 (Die Hard 2) Box Set Disc 4 (Die Hard 3 - Main Feature} Box Set Disc 5 (Die Hard 3 - Bonus Materials}

Becuase you do not actually use this information to select a movie - check the box "do not show in MCE interface"


A box set does not have a director - it is a creation of the studio.

A box set does not have actors - it is a creation of the studio.


UPC - The UPC code that is assigned to the box set

Production Date - The year that the box set was released

Release Date - The date the box set was released

Genre(s) - Brian - I think we need a new Genre - called Box Set - assigning the genre of the various movies in the set is not reasonable...

Studio(s) - The studio that is responsible for the box set, not necessarily the studio that produced the actual movie(s)

Extras - Enter as appropriate for the box set

Actor(s) - check the no additional actors box and leave the column empty

Director - because this is a mandatory fill field - enter "unspecified" as the director

Description - Enter a brief description about the various films included in the box set.

Audio - muddled info - add as much as you desire (this is not accessed in MCE)

Subtitles - muddled info - add as much as you desire (this is not accessed in MCE)

Assign Box Set Contents - Once information for the actual titles has been entered, assign them to the box set (Optional).


When entering the individual movies - most information should be self explanatory. See the appropriate wiki pages on how & what to contribute.

If there are front and back covers available for the individual titles - then use those. If there are no special covers available, then use the front and back covers from the box set.


If you like using the box set to access the individual titles - you are set to go once everything has been entered and linked properly.

If you prefer to only show the individual titles and omit the box set - delete the box set from your collection.