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You have a collection of DVDs and Blu-Rays on your shelf, have no plans of storing them on your PC or watching them on your PC and just want a nice program to Catalog them and help keep track of them.

Go to and choose the download that best matches your OS.

Downloads Page

  • First off, choose one of the Server/Client Editions of the program. Next, choose your Operating System (OS). Make Sure that you chosen your correct version of Windows - x86 or x64. If you are unsure of what version of Windows you have, you probably have x86. x64 is a specialized version of Windows and if you have that version, you will almost certainly be aware of that. For the majority of users - x86 is the correct version to choose.
  • Download it using the Link on the right with the nice graphical picture.
  • Once it has downloaded, make sure you extract all the files - it's probably advised not to run the Setup without extracting them first.
  • Now, run the program. If you are installing Version 3 you will be greeted with a choice of versions to install. Choose Standalone.
Installation Choices
  • Now follow the prompts and the program will eventually finish it's installation. Voila!

Now we will discuss how to use the program for cataloging your DVDs and Blu-Rays.

  • Grab some of your dvds and open Collection Management from the Windows Start Menu.
  • It will go through some various thinking phases, create a new database for you and then it will be ready to use.
  • Enter your user-name information, so that you can download the Webservice Information for your DVDs. If you have not created a user-name yet, it is very easy. You should receive an auto-prompt to create a user-name. Follow the instructions, and then confirm your e-mail by following the instructions on the e-mail you will receive.
  • If it does not sign you into the program automatically after this, you may choose Webservice, Account Status and you can enter the information there to sign in.