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You have a collection of DVDs and Blu-Rays on your shelf, have no plans of storing them on your PC or watching them on your PC and just want a nice program to Catalog them and help keep track of them.

Go to and choose the download that best matches your OS.

Downloads Page

  • First off, choose one of the Server/Client Editions of the program. Next, choose your Operating System (OS). Make Sure that you chosen your correct version of Windows - x86 or x64. If you are unsure of what version of Windows you have, you probably have x86. x64 is a specialized version of Windows and if you have that version, you will almost certainly be aware of that. For the majority of users - x86 is the correct version to choose.
  • Download it using the Link on the right with the nice graphical picture.
  • Once it has downloaded, make sure you extract all the files - it's probably advised not to run the Setup without extracting them first.
  • Now, run the program. If you are installing Version 3 you will be greeted with a choice of versions to install. Choose Standalone.

Installation Choices

  • Now follow the prompts and the program will eventually finish it's installation. Voila!

Now we will discuss how to use the program for cataloging your DVDs and Blu-Rays.

Sign In To Your Account
  • Grab some of your dvds and open Collection Management from the Windows Start Menu.
  • It will go through some various thinking phases, create a new database for you and then it will be ready to use.
  • Enter your user-name information, so that you can download the Webservice Information for your DVDs. If you have not created a user-name yet, it is very easy. You should receive an auto-prompt to create a user-name. Follow the instructions, and then confirm your e-mail by following the instructions on the e-mail you will receive.
  • If it does not sign you into the program automatically after this, you may choose Webservice, Account Status and you can enter the information there to sign in.

Account Status

Start Adding DVDs or Blu-Rays
  • Choose Add Titles. There are 2 places to do this:
-From the graphical button at the upper-right
-From Title, Add Titles