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Go to and choose the download that best matches your OS.

Downloads Page

  • If you are confused about which version to download, consider the following:
-Standalone Versionis what a user will download who just wants to catalog their collection and doesn't need the fancy My Movies MC-Interface.
-Server/Client Versionis what you need to run My Movies on your PC to catalog your collection AND access your collection in Media Center using the My Movies MC-Interface. This is what the majority of users will download, no matter how complicated it sounds. This software will be used on your main PC. This is also for users who will be distributing their online movies throughout their home, and it will be the main Server PC.
-Client Versionis what you would install on the other PCs throughout your home, and they will connect to the main PC and it's Server. This will enable you to watch movies on those PCs, even if the actual movies are located on the main PC.
-Servers and Clients. This may be common sense to some people, but I will make it a little more clear:
--No matter where you store your movies, you must choose one PC to be the Server. This PC will be the "Master Collection" and keep track of where all your movies are located, and when another computer wants to view a movie it will be able to "serve" the movies to that computer. This why the other computers are called "Clients" and require just the Client Software. If you had 4 computers and installed 4 servers in your home - well, that would defeat the purpose.
-If your are still a little confused about all of this, please refer to the detailed guides under HOW WILL YOU BE USING MY MOVIES. This will walk you step-by-step through what you need to do. I have done all the hard decision work for you in that guide. :)

  • First off, choose one of the Server/Client Editions of the program (note that with V3 all versions will be combined in one download, and upon installation you will have the choice of any of these). Next, choose your Operating System (OS). Make Sure that you chosen your correct version of Windows - x86 or x64. If you are unsure of what version of Windows you have, you probably have x86. x64 is a specialized version of Windows and if you have that version, you will almost certainly be aware of that. For the majority of users - x86 is the correct version to choose.

  • Download it using the Link on the right with the nice graphical picture.

  • Once it has downloaded, make sure you extract all the files - it's probably advised not to run the Setup without extracting them first.

  • Now, run the program. If you are installing Version 3 you will be greeted with a choice of versions to install. Choose Standalone.

Installation Choices

  • Now follow the prompts and the program will eventually finish it's installation. Voila!