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This feature is upcoming for My Movies for Windows Home Server version 1.10 and My Movies Server/Client 2.53.

HDI Dune Players

HDI Dune Players

My Movies Client, Server/Client and My Movies for Windows Home Server stores movie meta-data for HDI's Dune media players. This allows you to browse your videos by genres, years, parental rating and similar, as well as display movie covers, actors, descriptions and similar meta-data on on your HDI Dune player.

This guide will focus on storing meta-data for the Dune using the Collection Management program, however the meta-data files for the Dune unit can be stored also by the My Movies for Windows Home Server.

The meta-data integration for the HDI Dune consists of three different features:

  1. Movie covers will be created, letting you browse all your titles using nice looking cover overviews.
  2. Movie meta-data will be created for each title, allowing you to see descriptions, actors and similar.
  3. A movie index will be created, allowing you to browse your titles by genres, decades, years, parental rating and others.


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