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Applying Installation File(s)

System Builders and Installers, from here referred to as installers, will by the time they have signed up to the My Movies System Builder program receive a zipped file containing an XML file, and optionally a logo file, where the XML contains information about the installer, as well as an authentication key. At the same time, the My Movies WebService have the installer and the authentication key registred, allowing the installer to activate installations.

An installer must install the same version as end-users, and after installing, place the content of the received zip file onto the installation directory (the XML file, and the optional logo file), by default "C:\Program Files\MCE\My Movies", when first starting the Collection Management program after applying the XML file, the installer will now be requested to activate the installation. After activation, the installation will no longer require or request contribution or donation points from the user, and will not contain any program limitations, and the installers name, details and optionally logo will be displayed on the about page, and the Collection Management programs startup screen.

Licensing and Activations

Installers must purchase licenses at $10 each for every installation they make with My Movies installed. Each license must be seen as an OEM license, which cannot be transferred from one machine to another. The activation system is based on a unique machine id generated based on the hardware in the machine, and if the hardware in the machine changes, the system will require another activation - see the section "Avoiding Double Activations" for details on how to only pay for a license once if a hardware change is needed or how to transfer an activation if a full operating system re-install is required.

After applying the installer XML file to the machine, My Movies will not be useable until it has been activated by starting the Collection Management program. When activating it is recommended to use the available input field to type a machine identification such as the machine serial number, or other identification that can be used later on to identify the machine if a uncertainty on amount of activations should occur. Installers can always request a list of their activations and registred payments by contacting

Installers is allowed to have up to five demonstration machines activated that they are not required to pay licenses for. When activating on a demonstration machine the input field on activation MUST contain the text "DEMO-X" where X is the number of the demonstration machine, 1-5. Failing to do so, purchasing a license for the machine will be required.

Purchasing Licenses

Installers are themselves responsible for paying a license for each machine they apply My Movies to, which can be done in one of two ways - either the "Buy now" button can be used, on the page with installer sign-up information;, or the installer can send a request to and request a specific number of licenses, in which case a PayPal invoice will be sent to the installer.

Notice that the My Movies activation system will keep track of the payments made based on the payment e-mail, it is therefore important to use the same e-mail for license payments as the one you used when paying the sign-up fee. If you would like to change this e-mail, or have multiple e-mail registred for payments, please contact

Avoiding Double Activations

Licenses is considered OEM licenses, which follows the individual machine, and cannot be transferred between machines. If My Movies is upgraded to a newer version on the machine in question, the activation system will not require a new activation. There are however situations where the activation system will require a new activation, but where you off cause as an installer is not required to pay for multiple licenses:

a) On hardware failures, some of the hardware in a machine may need to be replaced, causing the machine to require a re-activation. In these situations it is required to specify the exact same identifier in the input field when activation. This is the reason it is always recommended to enter the machines serial number or other identifier in this field, otherwise you cannot awoid paying for double licenses when changing hardware.

b) System failures or updates that requires a full operating system re-install will also remove the My Movies activation key registred when first activating My Movies. In this situation, you must also use the above mentioned method to identify the machine to the My Movies WebService.

c) Demonstration machines that often changes hardware and/or often is re-installed fully with a new operating system from scratch. Installers is as mentioned above allowed up to five unpaid demonstration machines, given that they in the input field when activating apply the text "DEMO-X", where X is the number 1-5 of the demonstration machine.

In all situations where you fail to remember the above, and make an activation that of some reason should not be counted against you payments, please contact with the exact date of the activation.

You can at all time contact to receive a full list over your activations and registred payments.

Failing License Payments

If an installer fails to pay for licenses, or the My Movies activation system shows more activations than licenses paid for, the installer will receive a first notice to bring the matter in order, along with a list of registred activations and registred payments, making the installer aware of the amount of activations unpaid for.

Should the installer in one week fail to bring this matter in order, a final notice will be sent to the installer, and three days after that, the activation system will be closed for activations from the installer if the matter is still not brought to order. If activations is closed for an installer, it can only be re-opened by paying the sign-up fee again - it is therefore recommended to pay attention to the notices.

As everything, this is off cause only done within reason, and should there be a good reason for the installer failing to pay for licenses in a period, or failing to respond to notices, the activation system can be re-opned without having to pay a second sign-up fee.