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The My Movies interface in Media Center can display a list of titles in two different modes: Front Cover Thumbnail and Text List. The Front Cover Thumbnail mode is the default. Many times the display mode is changed by accident since the mechanism to do so is not very obvious.

Front Cover Thumbnail (Default):

Front Cover Thumbnail

Text List:

Text List


The top three "buttons" on the left side of My Movies in Media Center are used to select the View you wish of your titles (All Titles, Last Added, Not Watched, etc.) A secondary use for these buttons is to toggle the current View's display from Front Cover Thumbnail to Text List. The button for the current View will act as the toggle. The Views that can be toggled are: Last Added, Not Watched, Online Titles, All Titles, a "Named" filter, and Series/Box Sets.

Views Buttons (order or text of buttons may be different depending on how Views are configured on the system):

View Buttons

Ex. If the current View is Online Titles and the list is displaying thumbnails, pressing Online Titles will switch the list to text, pressing it again will switch the list back to thumbnails

After changing the display, this display will be used for all Views until changed again.

Ex. If the current View is Online Titles and the display is changed to text, pressing All Titles will change the View but still show the list as text, pressing All Titles again will switch the list back to thumbnails

All Titles Button