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Some features in My Movies require that your user account has a specific amount of donation or contribution points. Below you can see a list of which features you can gain by contributing or donating to the project. You can read more about Contribition and Donation points here.

There will at no time be a Contribution or Donation point requirement for the basic usage of My Movies, and no feature will at any time require more than 2,500 points. Points are linked to your e-mail address, and can only be removed if you do not follow the contribution guide when contributing titles.

If you would like to evaluate one or more of these features, you can request a 21 day trial of 2,500 points - notice though, that you can only request this feature once per user account. Please see this page for details.

Configurable Views (500 points)

Users with a minimum of 500 points can, from the Media Center configuration area of the Collection Management program, select the layout of the movies, actors and directors thumbnail views.

The default view contains three columns on 4x3 displays, and four columns on 16x9 displays, both with three rows, two different configurable views are available, one giving an extra column, but otherwise the same layout type, another automatically calculates the maximum amout of columns, and adds another row, displaying covers right next to each other.

Filters (Optionally from 250 to 2,500 points)

By creating a filter, you can have different sub-set views of all your titles - this could be a listing all of your childrens movies, the wife's favorite genres, classics from within a specific time period, or short movies for the days when you aren't up to a two and a half hour long movie - filters gives you all the options, what you decide to filter is up to you.

When having configured multiple zones, and having My Movies to be accessible in the childrens rooms, it's a good idea to create a filter and configure this as default view, perhaps listing only Animation and Family movies, the DVD's only, if their Media Centers arent able to play your nice HD-DVD and Blu-ray titles, and perhaps only the online stored titles, so they do not need to get a DVD down from the shelf with the risk of scratching it.

For the sake of your children, be sure to configure My Movies parental restrictions, to keep them blocked from any titles not suitable for their age! The Parental Control feature does not require any points - My Movies is a program for families, and not just the ones contributing.

Without any Contribution or Donation points you are allowed to create up to three filters, after that, each filter requires 250 donation points, so that five filters require 500 points, eight filters require 1,250 points, etc. When you have 2,500 points, you can create all the filters you want.

Online Collection (Optionally from 500 to 1,500 points)

Having an online website of your movie collection is the ultimate way of showing friends and family what titles you have, what titles you have ordered, or what title it is that you wish for Christmas, or you can use the Online Collection to remember what titles you have when you are at the friends house discussing movies. See how your online collection could be like by clicking here.

You are not required to have any points to use the Online Collection, but when you do, you can improve the look of your collection. By default, the Online Collection holds a commercial banner that you are able to remove if you have 1,000 points or more. The covers listed on your Online Collection will be by default 36 dpi, which is a minimum resolution - when you have 500 points, you can configure it for medium resolution, which is 72 dpi - should you have 1,500 points or more, you are able to configure it for maximum resolution which is 108 dpi.

Backup to ISO files and backup of HD-DVD and Blu-ray (2,500 points)

All users have the option to backup* their DVD movies from within My Movies in Media Center or via the Copy Discs option in the Collection Management program, to be able to store them on hard drives or on network storage, to be able to keep their discs safe of scratches, free from kids dirty fingers or other factors that may harm the users investment. Users with at least 2,500 contribution or donation points have the option to backup* their DVD's to ISO files as an addition to file structures, or backup HD-DVD or Blu-ray to ISO files or file structures as well.

Do only create backups of discs you owe for your own personal use - piracy is stealing!

My Movies Disc Copier on Windows Home Server (1,250 points)

With 1,250 points or more, you can use the fully automated movie disc copier* in My Movies for Windows Home Server, allowing you to copy DVD, Blu-ray or HD-DVD's directly to your Home Server's shares, in either ISO or file structure format.

My Music Disc Copier on Windows Home Server (1,250 points)

With 1,250 points or more, you can use the fully automated music disc copier in My Movies for Windows Home Server. The Music Disc Copier lets you automatically rip music discs to your Home Server's shares, in WAV, MP3, WMA or WMA Lossless format.

Multi-Disc Copying on Windows Home Server (2,500 points)

If you have 2,500 points or more, you are able to attach up to five drives to your Windows Home Server, and copy discs, audio or video from all of these drives at the same time. This helps you speed up importing titles into your collection if you have a lot of titles to process.

More features in the future

Future versions of My Movies will include even more features that require you to either contribute or donate to the project. By contributing or donating so that you have the maximum required 2,500 points already today, you ensure that you will miss no feature of My Movies in the future!

  • Due to legality in several countries, My Movies do not backup copy protected DVD, HD-DVD or Blu-ray titles. Users in countries that allow circumventing CSS and AACS copy protections when backing up their movies can install SlySoft AnyDVD HD to remove these copy protections at driver level.