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My Movies has a special server version for Windows Home Server usage. This server version does not come with a client, but holds configuration options in the Home Server Console.


1. Download My Movies for Windows Home Server

2. Copy the installer file to the "Software\Add-Ins" share on your Windows Home Server.

3. Open the Windows Home Server console.

4. Click "Settings", navigate to the "Add-ins" tab and select "Available" tab.

5. "My Movies for Windows Home Server" should be listed in the list of available programs, clik "Install" to install it. After the installation you will be logged off the console.

6. My Movies will automatically start downloading and installing the required SQL Server 2005 Express. You will get notices in your tray bar that this is happening. Please do not reboot your Windows Home Server while My Movies is downloading and installing SQL Server. You may use your Windows Home Server console for other things while this process goes on.