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Developers is able to access and use My Movies data either by export the data from the database, or by accessing the database directly, allowing the use of the data for alternative front-end applications, tools or similar. These options are available in versions 2.45 and forward.


  • The data may only be used for non-commercial purposes only. If you would like to use the data for commercial purposes, please contact . This means that you may not use My Movies data in commercial programs.. The only exception to this rule is when a user manually uses the export feature in My Movies, in which case, the user may use the exported data for all personal purposes, including imports to other programs, non-commercial or non-commercial.

  • The data may only be used on devices owned by the user or the household from which the data was exported on or the database was accessed. This means that you may transfer the data to other devices, such as handheld devices, but only as long as these devices is owned by the original user, and the data is not transferred further.

  • The data may not be redistributed, shared, or in any way used in ways that cannot be referred to as personal usage by the original user. This means that using the data on websites, services or similar is strictly forbidden.

Exporting Data

The first option of using My Movies data is by exporting the data to an XML file, that can be used by other programs.

The user can from the Collection Management program, through the menu export the database to this XML file, or the process can be automated by running My Movies with specific command line parameters:

InstallDir\My Movies.exe -export -"FileName"


"C:\Program Files\MCE\My Movies.exe" -export -"C:\My Movies\Exported Data.xml"

The process can be automated by using Windows' Task Scheduler features.

Notice! If the data is exported manually, the user is allowed to use the data for all personal purposes. If the process is automated, the data may only be used for non-commercial purposes.

Accessing Database

The second option of using My Movies data is directly accessing the My Movies SQL Server database. The database may only be accessed with the read-only user created for this purpose, to ensure that other products does not create incorrect data in the database that leads to crashes or instability of the main My Movies product.

My Movies can be used in a Client/Server environment, and can be configured to connect to a different machine in a multi-zone environment. The user can have either a Server version installed, or a Client version installed, but when accessing the database, it does not matter which type of installation the user have, as the client tools on a Server version can access other servers as well.

Accessing WebService

Access to the My Movies WebService for direct data loading by barcodes, titles or disc id's is available for providers of commercial products by paying a fee per loaded title. If you are interested in details on this option, please contact .

Access to the WebService is not given for non-commercial purposes.


Developers can at any time receive free direct technical support at on matters concerning My Movies data access when implementing usage of My Movies data into a product.