Improving Translation



My Movies is translated to a lot of different languages, but not all languages are updated with each release. All strings in the interface is stored in localization files, and the Collection Management program has a tool to create or update these localization files, and contribute them to the service.

If a string is not yet translated to the language you are using, by default, the string will be shown in English. Translating the string will change the interface to show the localized string instead.


Improving existing translation

If the language you use is not fully up to date, you can improve the translation by opening the Collection Management program, and select "Configure", "Language and Country" from the menu. Select the language you would like to edit, and press "Edit".

In the editing dialog, you can scroll through all the strings that can be translated. If a string is not yet translated, it will be marked with a yellow icon next to the string. To translate the string, you can click the editing box on the right side of the dialog next to the string you want to translate - if a string is longer than what you can see in the box on the left, which is shown by it ending with "...", you can press the editing icon on the right side of the dialog, to open a larger editing area.


Creating new translation

Creating a new translation is done similar to improving an existing translation, except that you have to create the new language first. From the "Language and Country" dialog, press "Create" in the bottom left side, and enter the name of the language you would like to create.

When the language have been created you can press "Edit" to translate all the strings.

Notice that while we happily includes new languages into the program

On new languages, there are some parts that you cannot translate using the editing tool, such as country names, language names, parental levels, ect. To translate these, please contact for instructions on how to do so.


Contributing translation

When you feel that you have improved an existing translation significantly, we request you to contribute the translation to the service, for it to be included with the next version of the program, or be automatically redistributed via. the service to existing installations.

To contribute a translation, press "Contribute" in the editing dialog, and write a short description of what changes you have made. If you are temporary ensuring a not completed translation, and the translation should not yet be handled by a moderator, please write that in the instructions.

Unfortunately, we cannot give contribution points for translations, mainly because we do not want translations to be done in a rush simply to receive contribution points.


Important Notice!

When improving localization files, your changes is saved to the locally stored localization file, and updating, uninstalling or re-installing My Movies will overwrite your changes. It is therefore recommended once in a while to contribute your improvement to the service, in which case we will always be able to get to it later if you contact