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Box Set Types

Box sets comes in many different types, but overall, they can be split in two categories; box sets that consists of multiple individual cases, where the individual titles have individual barcodes, referred to as "Multi Case Box Sets", and box sets where multiple discs are packed in one case, where only the box set container have a barcode, referred to as "Single Case Box Sets".

If you in any situation is unsure in which category your box set fits, please ask on our forums before contributing it.

Multi Case Box Sets

The below image shows an example of a box set containing individual cases, referred to as a "Multi Case Box Set".

Box Set - Multiple Cases

The individual cases have their own barcodes, and is valid in the service both as individual titles and as titles within the box set. This means that in many cases, the titles contained in the box set have been sold as individual titles as well.

Therefore, in case of a box set contaning keep cases, some users may have only one of the titles, and never knows that this have also been sold as part of a box set.

The titles within a "Multi Case Box Set" must each have their own individual barcode, and the titles individually may not refer to being part of the box set, as they are individually valid as separate titles. This also means that titles within a "Multi Case Box Set" can be added as an individual title from the online service as well as through the box set.

When contributing titles in a "Multi Case Box Set", the individual titles must follow the contribution guide, which means they must have separate covers.

Single Case Box Sets

The below image shows an example of a box set containing individual discs within one box, referred to as "Single Case Box Set".

Box Set - Single Case

The discs in a "Single Case Box Sets" may be packed differently, some may even be in individual cases, but common is that the titles in the box set does not have their own barcodes, and therefore is only valid in the service as part of this specific box set.

The sub-titles in such box set should be added using the generic "000000000000" (12 zero's) barcode, which indicates that the title does not have it's own barcode. The cover on the sub-titles should be the same as the holding box set's cover.

Extra Material and Digital Copy Discs

Discs containing extra materials, digital copies or similar have different ways of being handled.

1. If the title is a multi disc release, but for a single movie, this is not a box set, and should be handled as a single title with multiple discs.
2. If the title is a multi-disc release with multiple movies, and a one or more dedicated discs for extra material, digital copies or similar, then this is a box set and the extra discs may be added each one as a sub title.