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Attaching Log File To Forum Post

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When making a support request via a post on the My Movies - Forum you may be asked to supply a log showing information to aid with your request. This documentation explains how to generate the requested log file and attach it to a forum post.

Attach the log as opposed to copying it directly into the forum posting - the text can make the post extremely long and difficult to scroll through.



  1. Activate Logging
    1. Open Collection Management
    2. Select the Help menu item from the Main menu
    3. Expand the Debug menu item
    4. Activate logging by clicking on the Enable menu item1
    5. Click on the Clear Log menu item2
  2. Generate Log
    1. Perform the steps which generated the issue you are requesting support for
  3. Attach The Log To A Forum Reponse
    1. Open an internet browser and go to the My Movies - Forum, navigate to the thread where the log was requested
    2. Click on the Post Reply button at either the top or bottom of the thread
    3. Type any relevant text for the reply in the text entry area
    4. Click on the Post button at the bottom of the text entry area
    5. Navigate in the thread so that the response just entered is visible3
    6. Open the Attachments dialog by clicking the Attach button at the top of the response just entered
    7. Click the Browse button next to the Select the file you want to upload prompt
    8. Navigate to and select the log file on your local file system4, 5
    9. Click the OK or Open6 button in the file selection dialog
    10. Click the Upload button in the Attachments dialog
  4. Deactivate Logging7
    1. Open Collection Management
    2. Select the Help menu item from the Main menu
    3. Expand the Debug menu item
    4. Deactivate logging by clicking on the Disable menu item1



  1. Only one of the Enable & Disable menu items may be enabled at a time, if the Disable menu item is enabled then logging is activated
  2. Optional, but usually a good idea since the log file can become extremely large from prior runs
  3. Should be the last one in the thread with your username
  4. Location of log file differs by OS:
    • Vista = C:\ProgramData\My Movies\log.txt
    • XP (MCE2005) = C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\My Movies\log.txt
  5. Hidden folder in Vista, you will need to either configure your system to show hidden files or type the path directly into the Choose file dialog
  6. Text on button may differ due to OS
  7. Optional, but recommended since logging is only needed when trying to track down a specific issue