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My Movies for Cataloging and Watching using Built-In Ripper

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You have a collection of DVDs and Blu-Rays that you would like to store on your PC's Hard-Drives and you want to use your PC or HTPC to watch them, using the My Movies Media Center Interface - but you would like to use the Built-In Ripping Feature of My Movies.

  • Download and Install the program.
  • Open Collection Management and Sign In.
  • Insert Disc and follow the Copy Disc prompts.
  • If you didn't add Title by Disc ID during Copy Disc procedure, Choose "Add By Barcode", Enter Barcode, Tell Collection Managemenet where you have ripped your Disc, Add Search Result to Queue, Add Queue to Collection.
  • Open Media Center, Setup Media Center, Browse and Watch Collection.

This section will discuss how to use the program using the built-in Ripping Feature of My Movies, which requires a certain amount of contributed or purchased points to Rip Blue-Rays and HD-DVDs, and AnyDVD or AnyDVD HD if you plan on ripping discs that have Copyright Protection.
The Built-In Ripping Feature does not require points to rip DVDs, but requires 2500 Points to rip Blu-Rays and HD-DVDs. More information on features that require points can be found here: Feature Requiring Points.
Also, if you plan on ripping discs that have copyright protections built into them, you must use AnyDVD or AnyDVD HD (for Blu-rays) to remove this protection. My Movies can copy discs, but not remove the protection. This is due to copyright laws, depending on what country you reside in.

Make sure it is set up to monitor whatever drive you will be using to rip your discs with. More details on this can be found at Slysoft's Website.
Here: AnyDVD and AnyDVD HD

Virtual Clone Drive is recommended to mount ISOs, and can be downloaded free from here: VCD and configured within My Movies Collection Management under Configure, Image Mounter.

Go to and choose the download that best matches your OS.

Downloads Page

  • First off, choose one of the Server/Client Editions of the program. Next, choose your Operating System (OS). Make Sure that you chosen your correct version of Windows - x86 or x64. If you are unsure of what version of Windows you have, you probably have x86. x64 is a specialized version of Windows and if you have that version, you will almost certainly be aware of that. For the majority of users - x86 is the correct version to choose.
  • Download it using the Link on the right with the nice graphical picture.
  • Once it has downloaded, make sure you extract all the files - it's probably advised not to run the Setup without extracting them first.
  • Now, run the program. If you are installing Version 3 you will be greeted with a choice of versions to install. Choose Server and Client.

Installation Choices

  • Now follow the prompts and the program will eventually finish it's installation. Voila!

Now we will discuss how to use the program for cataloging your DVDs and Blu-Rays.

Sign In To Your Account
  • Grab some of your dvds and open Collection Management from the Windows Start Menu.
  • It will go through some various thinking phases, create a new database for you and then it will be ready to use.
  • Enter your user-name information, so that you can download the Webservice Information for your DVDs. If you have not created a user-name yet, it is very easy. You should receive an auto-prompt to create a user-name. Follow the instructions, and then confirm your e-mail by following the instructions on the e-mail you will receive.
  • If it does not sign you into the program automatically after this, you may choose Webservice, Account Status and you can enter the information there to sign in.

Account Status

Copy The Disc
  • Insert Your Disc and wait for My Movie to display a prompt asking you what you would like to do. You can choose to Add The Title, Copy The Disc or Cancel. We will choose Copy Disc.

Inserted Disc

Next, you will choose a few options - such as where you will store it, in what format, etc. It will also ask you if would like to add the Title to your Collection (using it's DISC ID) when you are finished. You may do this - but please double-check the barcode after this is done, to make sure you have your specific barcode.

Copy Disc

If you have chosen to add the Disc to your collection by it's Disc ID, you may skip the next steps - if not, please continue.

Start Adding DVDs or Blu-Rays
  • To quickly review how to add Titles, follow these steps:
Open Collection Management
Choose Add By Barcode
Type in the Barcode
Add the Result to the Queue
Choose Online or Offline, Choose a Group and the Title will be added
More details are below.

  • Make sure your database is ready to add your DVDs to the correct Group - such as owned, rented, pre-ordered, etc. The Default Setting is All Groups. This setting can be found directly above your list of Dvds on the left-hand side of the program.


  • Choose Add Titles. There are 2 places to do this:
-From the graphical button at the upper-right
-From Title, Add Titles

Add Titles Option 1

Add Titles Option 2

  • Now choose the method of adding your DVDs - I highly recommend using the option Add By Barcode.
You will have several choices of adding your DVDs:
-By Barcode
-By Disc ID
-By Title
-By Manual Typing
-By Upcoming
Since you have your DVDs available, the absolute best method will be to choose Add By Barcode.
You may choose the graphical image of the barcode scanner to help you, if you wish - this will allow you to use a scanner to actually scan the barcodes for you, if you just can't bring yourself to type in the barcode yourself. Just click on the Barcode Scanner Image and you will receive a configuration menu.

Configure Barcode Scanner

Make sure you have the correct country selected (this is the country where the dvd was released) - choosing Any is a good choice, if you typically have dvds from several different countries.
The Barcode Field will be pink until you type in a valid barcode - once you type in a valid barcode, it will turn green.

Add By Barcode

Notice how the Barcode Field turns green once a valid barcode has been recognized. By 'valid' I mean this: barcodes use a mathematical formula (probably passed down from the ancient Pythagoreans) to self-check it's own validity as a real barcode. If a barcode can not be self-checked, it is probably not valid - it will not turn Green. This is a useful tool for many programs that deal with barcodes. To learn more about self-checking barcodes visit your local library or do a simple Google Search. To be safe, if your barcode does not turn Green, make sure you retype it a few times.
Now, if a barcode turns Green, it does NOT mean that it belongs to a DVD or Blu-Ray title necesarrily - this is important! This simply means that it is a valid barcode. The next step will determine if it belongs to a DVD.

Barcode is Valid

Now that the barcode is determined as valid, the program will go online and search the My Movies Webservice for this particular DVD - using it's barcode. If it finds a result, it will be displayed in the Search Results Panel.

Add By Barcode Search Results

If the Search Result match your DVD - then we have a winner! If you are unsure of the results (there are multiple results, for example) you may use the Preview Button to get more details before you add it to your collection. You can verify the barcode here and other information. You can click on the covers to zoom in and see if it matches your DVD. It's very important to make sure that the barcode matches - after all, you want an accurate listing of your DVD Collection, right?

Preview Title

Preview Title with Cover Details

If some of the information is incorrect, that's okay - it can be fixed later. The important step here is making sure the Barcode matches.
Now, you will choose where you are storing your DVDs:
-Add Online is if you store your DVDs on your pc's hard-drives.
-Add Offline is if you store your DVDs on a shelf somewhere in your home.
For the purposes of this guide, you will choose Add Online
The program will now ask you where you are storing your Disc on your hard-drive. Navigate to the Folder which has the Movie's Name and highlight it, then choose OK.

Add Online Disc

Once you choose one of the above choices, you will see your Title is now added to the Queue on the Right-Hand Side.

Add Offline Title

Now you can either choose to add more Titles, or finish adding the current Title. Do this by choosing what Group you want to add the Title to.

Add to Group

Add to Group 2

Now the program will download the DVD's Information and add it to your Collection. You will then be greeted with a prompt to update the actor profiles. You should probably choose Yes.

Update Actors

The program will now update the actor profiles. Congratulations! You have added your 1st Title to your Collection. Just repeat some of the steps above to add more.
If you have forgotten to add the Disc as an Online Disc when you initially added the Title, it's not a problem. Just find the Title in Collection Management and select the Disc(s) Tab above the Description Field and open it. From here you will choose how you are storing it (usually as an Online Folder for DVD Folders and Blu-Ray Isos - assuming you are keeping the ISO in it's own folder, which you should!) and where you are storing it. Find the Folder Name, Highlight it, hit OK and SAVE the Title. Very easy!

To quickly review how to add Titles, follow these steps:
  • Open Collection Management
  • Choose Add By Barcode
  • Type in the Barcode
  • Add the Result to the Queue
  • Choose Online or Offline, Choose a Group and the Title will be added.

Now that you have added your discs to Collection Management, you can start using My Movies in Media Center to start watching them.
If you have not done so already, use Window's Auto-Play settings to specify what program will play your DVDs and Blu-Rays. By default, Windows Media Center will use it's built-in player to play DVDs, but you must make sure Blu-Rays and HD-DVDs are associated with a specific player in Auto-Play settings.
Start Media Center and you should be greeted with several prompts on where you would like My Movies to be located in Media Center. You might also receive a prompt if you have a High Definition Blu-Ray or HD-DVD Player installed. If you do not receive this prompt, open Collection Management and choose Configure, Media Center Interface and there will be several Reset Buttons at the top - this should fix that.
After restarting Media Center (this is usually required after the initial My Movies settings have been made) you can choose My Movies and browse your Disc collection. Find the Title you want to watch and press Play. Once you have done this - you are now watching your Disc.

Title Selection