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Accessing Windows Home Server from Media Center Extenders

Since Media Center extenders run with special user accounts, MCX1, MCX2, ect., and these accounts is created with passwords that you do not know and cannot change, it is off cause not possible to create a user on the home server for the extender user(s). This means that extenders must access the server using the Guest account, which must be enabled and granted access to the share you store video files on.

From the Windows Home Server Console, open the "User accounts" area, right click on the "Guest" account, and choose "Enable account" - be sure to choose "No Guest Password" in the guide, and select which shares the account should have access to (the share(s) containing your movie and music titles). If the "Guest" account is already enabled, you can right click it, and choose "Properties" and "Shared Folder Access" to select which shares the account should have access to.

You can now access both your movie and music titles from the Media Center extenders. Notice that Media Center extenders cannot be connected directly to the Windows Home Server, but must be connected to a Media Center client such as Windows Vista Home Premium or Ultimate, or Media Center 2005.