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Thank you for considering contributing data to our online service. This page covers contribution of Movie Profiles to our Movie database, which covers generic movie data - for movie data on disc based titles (DVD, Blu-ray, HD DVD), see the disc title contribution guide. Since we believe in quality over quantity, it is important that all data contributed to the service follows this contribution guide. We ask that you read this guide closely before starting to contribute Movie Profile data. Notice that if you locate any data on our service that does not follow this guide, you can either correct the data yourself (recommended), or report the issue to our moderators if you are unsure of how to correct it.

If you have any questions regarding data contributions, and how to ensure that you are contributing data correctly, please use the Data Contribution area of our forums to seek support. Our moderators will gladly help you. Should you contribute incorrect data to the service, you will likely receive a warning from our moderators, and if these warnings are ignored, it can lead to your account being temporary closed until we have ensured that you will follow the contribution guide when contributing. Because of this, it is important that you use an account with an e-mail address that you check frequently.



The data on a Movie consists of three sections, a section containing global data, one containing country specific data and a third containing language specific data. While you contribute movie data though one option, these sections are stored individually. This means that a contribution to a movie where only country specific or language specific data is changed will only update data in the "Country Specific" or "Language Specific" section on the online service.



Production Year

Production Year contains the year the film originally was released to theaters.

Running Time

Running time is the length of movie, rounded to the nearest whole minute. Running time does not include any extra material such as trailers, that may appear before the movie starts or after the end credits. The running time is from the original version shown in theaters.

Original Title

The original title is the title of the movie from the country of origin.


Reported budget, if known.


The Adult checkbox identifies titles that are specifically pornography. This does not include movies with adult themes, nudity or simulated sex, or movies which as personal opinion are not for children.

Production Countries

Production countries are the country of origin of the production studios involved in making the movie.

Spoken Languages

Spoken languages as found in the original version of the film from the country of origin. Do not include languages of alternate versions. For example, a movie produced in the United States and spoken in English, will only list English as spoken languages, even if the film is available dubbed to additional languages for international markets.


Lists the status of the film: Rumored, Cancelled, Planned, In Production, Post Production, Released.


Reported revenue, if known.


Genres classify the film in to one or more general themes, such as western, romance, and comedy. Genres are in some cases specifically mentioned by the studio in advertisements and home video releases, but in other situations may come down to user's own interpretation. It is recommended to use IMDb as source for Genres, if you are unsure of which Genres to add.

External Links

External links are third-party references, such as IMDb and TMDb.

The IMDb id is required information before contributing a movie to the online service.

IMDb ID's refer to IDs on The Internet Movie Database, and can be located by searching their website. After locating the title, the website address will appear such as "", where numbers in "tt1234567" differs for each title - the "tt1234567" string is the IMDb ID to enter.

Production Companies

Production Companies refer to the studios which released the movie in theaters, and the production companies which actually made the film, and must be added in that order:
1. Studio behind the theatrical release
2. Production company or companies

It is required to at least specify the studios mentioned in the Credits of the title, contributing only some of the studios listed of the title will be considered an invalid contribution.


Persons who appeared in the film. These should be entered in the same order in which they appear in the credits of the film. Uncredited actors should be listed after official credits.


Crew specifies the persons involved in direction, production, music, and similar roles in the making of the title.

Do not use "various", "multiple", "unknown" or similar as a crew member name. If multiple persons are credited for the same function, each should be entered separately. If the name of the director or similar is not known, then that role should be omitted from the Crew data.


Please see Backdrop contribution details here.


Please see Poster contribution details here. Edit

Country Specific

Country specific is for variations that may differ from the origin country of the Movie release, which means the country the title was released for. Generally this can be for a different Parental Rating, different Release Date for the Cinemas and for the local Website for the Movie


The Country drop-down does not qualify as a data specification, but let's you select from which country you would like the data for the movie.

Parental Rating

Parental Rating contains the rating of the Movie in the country the Movie was released for. The Parental Rating can be found on the Movie Posters at the Local Cinema or Local Advertisement for the Movie. If the Movie is not rated, use the setting “Unrated”. The rating settings follow the country specified for the title, so when creating new titles manually, be sure to specify a country for correct Parental Rating options. If the Parental Rating levels are not known for the country the Movie was released for, a standard set of levels will be used.

If the title is considered pornography, then you must select "XXX" or similar rating appropriate to the country of release. It is also required that the "Adult" check box is marked.

Rating Cause

Rating Cause is the reason(s) for the Parental Rating, for countries where such details are provided by the ratings authority.

Release Date

Release date is the original theatrical release date. If the movie was not released theatrically for the selected country, release date is the date it was first available at retail (direct-to-video) or aired on television.


The website is the primary official web site of the movie for the selected country. Official web sites are generally operated by the production studio or distributor of the movie. The web site address is often provided in marketing materials, including trailers and poster art. Do not add unofficial web sites, or links to other sites such as IMDB, Wikipedia or others. If there is no official website for a title, it may be entered in as a dash (-).


Language Specific


The Language drop-down does not qualify as a data specification, but let's you select in which language you would like the data for the movie.


The Title specifies the title for the movie in the language selected in 'Language'. If the title is shown in gray, it means that the title is not specified for the selected language, but instead is inherited from English. If the title is shown in gray, it is recommended to specify the title for the selected language and contribute it back to the service. The title can typically be found on the official website for the movie. If an official title is not available for the country, it should not be specified. You may not create localized titles based on own preferences. The Title is required information before contributing a movie to the online service.

Sort Title

The Sort Title equals the title, with exceptions of leading words, such as “The” in English, “Die”, “Das” and “Der” in Germany, and similar, where the leading word must be placed behind the title. An example would be the English Sort Title, “Simpsons, The”, and the German Sort Title “Simpsons, Die”.

YouTube Trailer ID

This is the ID in the YouTube URL, stated after "v=" (e.g. "bTJmEcO_Le0" in If a YouTube trailer exists that is language specific, either in the audio or with subtitles, then that is the trailer that should be linked to. The link can be tested by pressing the YouTube icon next to the text box.

Alternative Titles

Within the same language, the movie may have several Alternative Titles, as it can vary by country, DVD release and other reasons. List these alternate title here, but do not include unofficial titles, such as translated titles that were never officially used for releases in the selected language.

Tag Line

A Tag Line is a phrase used in advertisements for the movie, often found in trailers, poster art and official web sites.


The Description specifies a description for the movie in the language selected in 'Language'. If the description is shown in gray, it means that the description is not specified for the selected language, but instead is inherited from English. The description can often be found on the movie's official website, which is the preferred source for descriptions. If the description is shown in gray, you can click the translator button to the left of the description box, and translate the English description into the language selected. A description may be specified as a direct translation from an already existing description in another language.

Description Source

When writing a description, Description Source must come from one of these: Blu-ray, DVD or HD DVD cover; Manual text entry; Studio web site; or Wikipedia. Descriptions sourced from copyrighted web sites including IMDb and The Movie DB are not accepted.