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This page lists typical issues that My Movies users run into. If you are having a problem, please see if your problem is listed on this page, and follow the steps on resolving the issue. If your issue is not listed on the page, or if you could not resolve the issue by following the mentioned steps, please seek support on our forum.


Installation Problems

General Errors

One error that can occur during installation is the installation failing with the message "Failed to create network share". My Movies uses a hidden fileshare to be able to run in multiple zones, even though you may only run in one zone. If you do not have networking, if networking is disabled or some networking services are disabled on your machine, you may receive this error. Please make sure networking is enabled on the machine.

SQL Server Install Errors

The My Movies "Server and Client" edition runs on Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express, which the My Movies installer installs prior to starting the actual installer of My Movies. In some situations, the installation of SQL Server fails, and you get a message such as "An error occurred attempting to install SQL Server 2005 Express Edition". In such situation, the error message contains a link to a "install.log" file - by opening this file with notepad, you will in the bottom be able to see a specific error code "Process exited with code X", where X is the error code.

The most common error codes is listed below:

  • 28111: You have previously had My Movies' SQL Server instance installed, and some leftover database files is causing SQL Server to not be able to install. Please look in the folder (Program Files)\Microsoft SQL Server and locate the folder "MSSQL.X" where X is a number, that contains a "My Movies.mdf" file with the directory "MSSQL.X\MSSQL\Data". Delete this specific "MSSQL.X" folder.

  • 28062: The default installation folder (Program Files) is compressed. SQL Server cannot be installed to a compressed folder.

  • 70036: This error indicates that there could be a problem with your WMI repository. Please open a command prompt, by typing "cmd" in the run area of your start menu. In the command prompt, type "winmgmt /verifyrepository" and press Enter. If a message indicating an error, such as "WMI repository is inconsistent" is returned, type "winmgmt /salvagerepository" to repair the WMI repository.

  • 1706: This error comes up because one of the packages included in the SQL Server installation is alrady installed on your machine, but is not functioning correct. After you receive this message, the folder "C:\ProgramData\My Movies" (Windows 7 and Windows Vista) or "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\My Movies" (Windows XP) contains the file "sqlexpr32.exe" (X86) or "sqlexpr64.exe" (X64) - copy this file to the root of "C:\". Open a command prompt by typing "cmd" in the run area of your start menu, and type "C:\sqlexpr32.exe /x" or "C:\sqlexpr64.exe /x" to extract files from the SQL installer, after selecting where to extract the files, locate the file "Setup\sqlncli.msi", and double click it - ask to remove product. Now, you can run the installer again. Notice that if you have UAC (Universal Access Control) enabled, you must open the command prompt as administrator.

  • 1603: This error can occur if you have installed Service Pack 3 on Windows XP before installing My Movies. To workaround this problem, please follow the instructions on the following url: Now, you can run the installer again.


Connection Problems

If your My Movies client cannot connect to it's server, it is often because of a configuration problem. Please go through and confirm each item in the list below to ensure that everything is configured correct.

  1. If you only have one single machine running My Movies, be sure that you installed the "Server and Client" edition, and not the "Client" edition. If you have more than one machine running My Movies, be sure that you installed the "Server and Client" edition on the machine that you would like clients to connect to, and the "Client" edition on all other machines.
  2. Ensure that your firewall on the server is open and configured as written in the Multi Zone section. If you have additional security software that contains a firewall, follow the manual for this software on how to configure it according the settings as written in the Multi Zone section.
  3. Check and ensure that both the client and the server is configured for the same workgroup or domain, and that the user you are logged in with on the client machine exists with the exact same username and password on the server machine. Details on configuration is available in the Multi Zone section. My Movies uses a hidden fileshare to access covers and photos on the server, and if the the workgroup, domain or username and password does not match, the clients will be unable to access this hidden share.
  4. Download and install the latest network drives for your network cards on both the server and client machines. The drivers must be downloaded directly from the vendor of your hardware, typically the vendor of your motherboard. In some situations, incorrect network drivers causes connection problems, although everything else seems to work correctly.