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Windows 8 and 8 Auto-Login

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If you create a password for your Windows account on Windows 7 or 8, which is a requirement if you would like to access shares on other machines, such as a Windows based external storage device without entering a password, users must enter this password when the machine is turned on or restarted, and by default when the machine is waking up from sleep.

As Media Center machines often functions as an A/V device, requirering the user to enter a password in these situations does not seem natural.



It is recommended to first remove the requirement to enter a password when the machine wakes from sleep, or when a screen saver is displayed. To do this, right click the desktop area, and select "Personalize". From that screen, select screen saver, and uncheck the option "On resume, display logon screen", and press "Ok".

To also awoid having to type a password when the machine is started or rebooted, type "netplwiz" in the typing area of your start menu, and press "Enter". From that dialog, uncheck "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer", and press "Apply", and you will be asked to input the name and password for the user that should automatically log on to the machine.