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This tip can be used when there is a need to change the location of a number of discs, it will allow the change to be made in one action as opposed to making the change on each individual disc. One example of when this tip comes in handy is when a new drive has been added to the system and some titles on an existing drive in the system were moved to the new drive.


  1. Move the files and folders to the new location using Windows explorer
  2. Select a title in the Title list which contains at least one disc that was stored at the old location
  3. Click on the Disc(s) button for the selected title to open the Assign Discs dialog
  4. In the Assign Discs dialog
    1. Select a disc from the Available Discs list which was stored at the old location
    2. Click the Browse button next to the Location (Side A/B) field to open the Browse dialog
      1. Navigate to and select the new location of the disc side
      2. Click the OK button
    3. A dialog similar to the following should be displayed:
      Move All Dialog
    4. Click the Yes or No button
      • Yes - The locations of the detected discs will be updated to the new location
      • No - The locations of the detected discs will not be updated
  5. Save the title