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My Movies supports the connection between a disc title and a TV series. This allows you to see a disc title as a TV series, and get all the detailed information about the TV series and extended functionality for the disc title.
If a newly added or updated disc title in your collection is registered on our servers with a connection to a TV series, and the episodes on the disc title has been set, you will be able to see the detailed series and episode information for the disc title in both My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management. If only the media type for the disc title has been set to TV series but no futher connection has been made, you will still be able to see the disc title under the TV Series section in My Movies for Windows Media Center.


If the relevant connection between a disc title and TV series + episodes has not been set, you can easily set it yourself and this guide will show you how this is done.The guide will run through the proces registering the disc title, setting the media type, connecting to the TV series, and finally setting the episodes on the disc.
We will be using the Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) - season 1 episode 1-12 disc set as an example throughout the guide.

Registering the disc title and connecting it to a TV series

The first time you insert a new disc title you will get the option to add the title to your collection, as seen in the following screenshot.
When a new disc is inserted you can add it to your collection

In the next screenshot we can see that the title is in our collection, and that its media type has not been set.
The title has been added. Notice that the media type hasn't been set.

When you change the media type to TV Series a new button apears next to media type selection box.
The lookup TV Series button

The lookup TV Series button

File naming

The files for the TV serie can be directly in the series root folder (the one with the serie name), or in any of its subfolders. The important part is the naming of the video files. The files should always include a number for the season and for the episode. The following rules tells how this numbering can be used.

  • The season is indicated by an "s" followed by digits and the episode with an "e" followed by digits. Either the season and episode are written right after each other or they are seperated by "." or "-".
    • "Another Simpsons Clip Show S06e03.mkv"
    • "s6-e5 - Sideshow Bob Roberts.mkv"
    • "The Simpsons S6.e4 - Itchy Scratchy Land.mkv"
  • The season and episode are specified as above, but with the season and episode in square brackets [], and with an "_" as seperator.
    • The Simpsons[S6]_[E06] - Treehouse of Horror V
  • The season is specified as a number followed by an "x" and then the episode number.
    • "6x1 - Bart of Darkness.mkv"
  • The season is specified as a number directly followed by the episode number. The episode number must be in two digits.
    • "The Simpsons 602 - Lisas Rival.mkv"
  • For multiple episodes in one file the format must be as follows. The season is indicated by an "s" followed by digits and then the first episode with an "e" followed by digits, and then a "-" and an "e" followed by the digits for the last episode.
    • "Simpsons S02E01-E04.mkv"

Files with an extention that is a valid video format are recognised by My Movies, this includes files registered in Windows as perceivedType=video, and files configured in monitoring configuration as known video file extentions. The "mkv" file extention in the above examples are just an example of a recognized file type.

Special episodes

A lot of TV series have speciel episodes such as trailers, prequels, and extra. These should be named as being in season 0. The episode numbers can be hard to guess, but when a serie is added/imported in My Movies you can see the episode numbers in My Movies Collection Management, where all the known episodes for the serie are listed.

Season Overview in Collection Management