updated box sets guide

To better understand what we’re dealing with, let’s establish a few definitions.


Types of Box Sets

  1. A Keep-Case Box Set: the Box Set is a Keep-Case and the discs are contained within.
  2. A Box Set Containing Keep-Cases: the Box Set is a container of some sort that holds individual Keep Cases within.


Keep-Case Box Set Examples


Box Set Containing Keep-Cases Examples


Extras Discs

Note: for the intent of this article, Extra Discs have different ways of being handled.
  1. If the release is a 2-disc single-movie title, and the 2nd disc is just Extras: this is not a box set
  2. If the release is a multi-disc release with multiple films, and a dedicated disc for Extras, then this is a box set and the Extras Disc may be added as a Sub Title.


Box Sets and the Webservice

It’s nice to have information for each movie in a boxset, but there are special ways of achieving this on the Webservice so that each movie will receive it’s own profile containing specific information appropriate to each movie. Basically we will be creating a Main Box Set Title and then for each movie there will be individual Titles.


Box Set Main Title Rules

FieldSpecial Rule or Clarification
Production YearLeave blank.
Aspect RatioLeave blank.
GenresLeave blank.
StudiosLeave blank.
ExtrasEnter only if listed on the main box cover.
AudioLeave blank.
SubtitlesLeave blank.
ActorsLeave blank.
CrewLeave blank.
IMDb IDID should be "tt0000000".
Parental RatingFor countries where ratings are given to a box set as a whole, add the Parental Rating as normal. If the box set only has ratings for the individual titles, then the Parental Rating must be listed as "none".
Rating CauseLeave blank, unless the box set itself has a Rating Cause.
AdultSelect if any adult titles are contained in the set.
Is Box SetAs this is a box set, this box must be checked.
DiscsAll discs must be entered in the main box set.
DescriptionShould match the description found on the main box. If there is no description, either list the movie titles or use the symbol "-".
SortIf the boxset is generally regarded as a series use the same sorting standard as you would normally use with individual profiles, but use 00 as the number, with the Box Set name appended to the end.

The reason many fields are left blank, is because each movie will have it’s own individual title with that information on it specifically for that movie. The Box Set is merely a physical holder in this case, with the most amount of information listed that will not conflict with it’s contents. These rules must be followed even if the individual titles have specifications that are consistent throughout.

Once you have made sure that you have followed the normal contribution rules for a title, AND made sure that they conform to the Box Set Main Title Rules you can contribute the Main Box Set Title to the WebService.


Box Set Sub Title Rules


Special Rules for Barcode 000000000000

These Rules apply to movies and television shows only! Box Sets that hold individual cartoon shorts or film shorts will not be handled in this manner and you cannot make separate Sub Profiles within the WebService for each one of them.

Example of what not to do: Don't create separate profiles for each Bugs Bunny episode contained on 1 disc.


Box Sets and Collection Management

Box Set Sub Titles can be found on the Webservice by the usual methods: searching by Disc ID or searching by Title. If there is not an available Box Set Sub Title available after searching you may contribute your own Sub Title after you have made sure that all the above Rules have been met. Please make sure that one does not already exist on the Webservice before spending the time to create one.

When you have downloaded your Sub Title from the Webservice, or created and contributed them, they can be added to the Box Set Main Title by using the Series/Boxset button within Collection Management. You can choose to check the option to Not Include Holding Title as Part of the Series/Boxset, so when you press the Watch button on the Box Set Main Profile in Media Center you will be greeted with the choice of your Sub Titles: each with their own individual information specific to each movie. If you do not check the box, when you press the Watch button on the Main Profile you will see the Main Title and the Sub Titles and each one may be selected to watch their respective discs (if a box set has a dedicated Disc for Extras, then this option will allow you watch it by choosing the Main Title Watch button within the Main Title).