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Personal Titles

A Personal Title refers to videos of weddings, family vacations and similar which are to be kept private to your own collection and must not be contributed to the WebService. For the purpose of synchronizing personal titles to your Online Collection and other clients, you may click "Title / Upload Personal Title".


Personal Data

Personal Data is a section of a profile which contains various options such as for inputting purchase cost and condition, but also allows for overriding some General Profile Data. These options should in all cases be used to avoid uploading customized data as part of the official WebService profile.



You cannot create custom Genres nor should you use Genres for personal preferences, as your interpretation may differ from the general consensus. Categories gives you the freedom to classify titles in any way you prefer, and can applied across multiple titles at once using the right-click context menu when clicking on the desired titles in the list.


Title and Sort Title

If you desire to change a title or sorting position of a title on your collection to a way that does not follow the Contribution Guide, these options will allow you to safely personalize them. Title overrides Local Title and Sort Title overrides Sort.


Reporting Incorrect Data

If a profile contains incorrect data, you may report it to the moderators for review. The report form is accessed:

Please keep in mind the following when reporting incorrect data:
The support forum should not be used for reporting incorrect data, unless a special circumstance exists that prevents it.


Requesting Profile Lock or Unlock

When a title profile reaches full completeness and not improvable, and considering that box set main profiles will correctly be less than 100%, you may request a title to be locked from further editing, to prevent future unnecessary or incorrect contributions.

Please keep in mind the following when requesting a title be locked or unlocked:
To request a lock or unlock, follow the same procedure as for Reporting Incorrect Data.