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Creating Your Collection

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Now you want to add your movies to your collection, don't you? Good. Me too - I want to add your movies to your collection. But I can't, so I'll have to show you how to do it yourself. Sorry, those are the breaks. Dont' worry, though, because it's very easy. It's so easy, you'll have your entire collection entered in no time at all!

In order for the Media Center Interface to display your collection, you must enter it into Collection Management first. Collection Management is considered the "back-end" for the Media Center Interface - which is the "front-end". Many other things can be a "front-end" for My Movies, but we will be dealing with Media Center as the "front-end". You enter your collection in Collection Management, and this servers the information to Media Center. Easy concept.

There are several ways in which you can enter your collection, and they all have varying degrees of ease-of-use and accuracy. Try the method that best suits you:

1- Add Titles using the Add Title Menu
  • This method has several different sub-methods of adding titles - all varying from 'most accurate' to 'very innacurate'.
2- Add Titles by inserting the Discs
  • This method is usually very accurate, but it is not guaranteed to be absolutely accurate at all times.
3- Add Titles by using Folder Monitoring
  • This method is the easiest method, requiring little-to-no user-interaction, but it can be extremely unaccurate.

My personal opinion is that "Add Titles using the Add Title Menu" is the most accurate, if you choose "Add By Barcode" as the sub-method. The second-most accurate method is using the sub-method "Add By Disc ID" as long as you ensure you compare the barcodes once you have used it.