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Collection Management - Configure Menu

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The items on the Configure Menu are used to configure the My Movies software, as well as the integration of any hardware or 3rd party software needed for the operation of My Movies in your Media Center environment.


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Menu Items

Hardware Integration

  • DVD Changers - alerts My Movies to the presence of any "jukebox" type DVD changers present in the system so that they may be controlled through My Movies
  • Barcode Scanning - notifies My Movies of any WebCams or Barcode Scanners present in the system so that they may be used to import barcodes when adding titles to the local datbase

3rd Party Software

  • Daemon Tools - makes My Movies aware of the fact that Daemon Tools is installed and should be used when watching titles stored in ISO format (does this by supplying the path to the Daemon Tools executable)

My Movies Software

  • Media Center Interface - configures how My Movies appears and behaves in the Media Center environment
  • Language - configures the lanaguage used by My Movies to display text, also allows the user to modify the text displayed in certain areas of the My Movies interface for the selected language

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