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      User Interface
      Common Activites
      Tips & Tricks




User Interface

Main Components

  • Main Screen - "Exploded" View of the Collection Management Main Screen
  • Main Menu - contains items to perform the tasks needed to maintain your local collection, submit data to the My Movies web service, and configure your My Movies Application
    • Collection Menu - contains items to maintain the data in and structure of the local database to keep it healthy and free of extraneous data
    • Configure Menu - contains items to configure the My Movies software, as well as the integration of any hardware or 3rd party software needed for the operation of My Movies in your Media Center environment
    • File Menu - mainly contains items used for database selection & maintenance, server selection, and data importing & exporting
    • Help Menu - contains items which provide links to online/community support, application versioning, application logging tools, and general application information
    • Title Menu - contains items used to maintain data for the currently selected title in the local database or on the web service
    • WebService Menu - contains items used to perform local data bulk updates, to maintain your online collection, to view/manage your user account information, and to view the title history log for the selected title
  • Toolbar - provides shortcuts to select items on the Title Menu, shortcuts to select items on the WebService Menu and actions used to change the Title List view
  • Title List -
  • Title Data -
  • Status Bar -


  • Add Titles -
  • Create/Edit Actor -
  • Create/Edit Category -
  • Create/Edit Studio -
  • Edit Director -
  • Edit Filters -
  • Title Actors -
  • Title Audio -
  • Title Categories -
  • Title Discs -
  • Title Extras -
  • Title Genres -
  • Title Series/Box set -
  • Title Studios -
  • Title Subtitles -


Common Activites

  • Adding Titles - procedure for adding new titles to the local database
  • Editing Titles - procedure for editing a title which already exists in the local database


Tips & Tricks