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Collection Management Application

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Collection Management

Does anyone think Collection Management should be renamed to Collection Manager?

Start by opening Collection Management. This is where you control the operation of My Movies, backup and restore your database, add titles, update your “Online Collection” web page and contribute to the master database for the benefit of your fellow My Movies users.

Adding Titles There are several methods to add titles to your My Movies database. One of the easiest methods My Movies offers is the option to automatically add titles via Folder Monitoring. You can select folders to be monitored and add or remove them in Collection Management by selecting “Configure” from the menu and then selecting the “Monitored Folders” tab.

You will also be presented with the opportunity to select the “Folder Monitoring Operation Mode”. The choices are:

Disabled – no folder monitoring Strict – in this mode the title and folder name must match exactly Loose – this mode makes an “educated guess” of the title based on the folder name. Confirmative – with this mode you must confirm the title when prompted and is the recommended mode.

Standard Definition Discs

For folder monitoring the file structure must be:

…\DVD Title \Audio_TS \Video_TS (Replace “DVD Title” with the title of your DVD)

Need HD file structures.

There are also several methods to add folders containing movies or even individual titles in Collection Management.

To add a folder (either an individual folder containing a single movie or a folder with several sub-folders each containing a movie) click on the “File” menu an select “Import” then “Folder Content”.

Another way to add an individual movie is to click on the Add Title button in Collection Management. Here you can add a movie by inputting either:

By Barcode – usually on the cover of the DVD By Disc Id – from the DVD itself By Title - using the My Movies database By Title - using an external database By Manual typing all of the information – good for homemade movies etc. Upcoming – not sure how to use this one…

Once you have selected the method and input the appropriate information you should be presented with some titles in the “Search Results” box (except of course if you selected the Manual Typing option) which you can then add to your queue as either a title you have stored on your hard drive (Online) or just have on a disc (Offline).

When you have some titles in your queue you can add them to your database in one of several categories which you can use as filters to further refine filter capabilities.

WebService Menu

Once you have added your queued titles to your database you will be back to the main Collection Management screen where you can add missing data and covers if necessary. If you are able to add either new titles or additional data to existing data please consider adding the data to the master database by selecting the menu item WebService and updating the appropriate category.

After you have added a new title or added additional data or covers of an existing title to your collection the WebService Menu is where you go to contribute data, covers and actors to the master database. Contributing data and covers will not only help the My Movies community you will gain valuable Contribution Points which will enhance your own My Movies experience by giving you access to additional features.

The WebService menu item is also where you can setup and synchronize your Online Collection.

Online Collection

The Online Collection is your personal website which displays your collection on the web for you to view and, if desired, share with others and can be viewed any where you have web access.

Here you can keep track of the movies you own, have ordered, wish for, have rented, want to rent, or you want to sell or trade.

To setup your Online Collection open the Collection Management application and select WebService from the menu and click Configure/Sync Online Collection.

From here you can configure whether your collection is “Open” (viewable by anyone) or “Closed” (requires password for access).

Would it be better call “Visible Status” something like “Security Setting” and have the options listed as “Public” and “Private”?

You can chose to list only your Online titles, your Offline titles or both.

Do you want to change the order of these selections to have Online titles listed first? What are the defaults, both checked?

Additionally you can select which groups you wish to display and set your default sort order.

Depending on the number of Contribution and Purchase Points your have acquired you can chose to disable the “Advertising Banner” and increase the resolution at which your covers are displayed.

To access your personal My Movies website simply point your browser to:{your user name} without the brackets and using your own user name.

For example

To see a demonstration go to: