Contribution Lists

The contribution lists contains incomplete titles with different data missing for the profiles to be complete. The list contains an "Add to My Movies" icon, allowing you to simply click this icon, and have the title added automatically into the Collection Management program.

Click here to access the lists.

When entering the list page, you must first choose the country you would like to improve titles for - typically this would be the country you live in, but you are off course also allowed to contribute titles for other countries. Secondly, you must choose which list you want to work on - notice that it may take the system up to a minute to calculate and return the list. You can see a detailed description of the lists below.


List Descriptions

Lowest complete percentage

This list contains titles that have been loaded from the service more often than the average number of titles, but have the lowest complete percentage. Choose this list if you would like to simply contribute all types of missing data on profiles where most points can be gained. If you find a title that you think is an incorrect entry, and is non-existing, please use the "Report Incorrect Data" button to report incorrect data to a moderator in the Collection Mangement program.

Missing descriptions

This list contains titles where no description is entered, but where back covers are available to type the descriptions from, sorted by popularity. Choose this list if you are a fast typist, and would like to gain contribution points by typing descriptions. If on this list you find a title where no text is available on the back cover or where the back cover is incorrect, and does not match the barcode of the profile, please use the "Report Incorrect Data" button to report incorrect data to a moderator.

Missing full covers

This list contains titles where no full covers are added. Choose this list if you have access to a scanner, and would like to check if any of the titles you have are missing it's cover, or if you like to locate covers from a cover website, and would like to add these. Notice that you may not contribute covers where any stamps or copyrighted notices or similar have been added to the cover. Preferably the contributed covers are your own scans, however contributing covers from various cover sites is allowed.

Other lists?

Do you have suggestions for other lists that we should make available here, please suggest it on the forums.