Movie, Movie Collection and TV Serie Backdrops


Movie, Movie Collection and TV Series Backdrops (also referred to as Fan Art) is a full screen artwork used in movie frontends create a mood of the movie or TV serie as an addition to a poster. The backdrops can be either an artwork created by material from the movie or serie, such as press images, graphics and others, or it can be as simple as a screencap or part of a screencap in a place where it is able to create this mood of the movie.

Backdrops are of high quality, because they are created to be used in full screen, or near full screen environments. This means that there are certain rules to follow when contributing backdrops. Notice specifically that our moderator in the end have the final ruling weather or not a backdrop is of a high enough quality, and if it complies with the rules, or complies with the rules close enough, as there are without a doubt gray areas.

Backdrop Text

The backdrops may not contain text on the artwork, unless the text itself makes the artwork, or in situations where the text is part of a screencap from a movie. This means that there may not be artist names, copyrights texts, or movie titles on the backdrop.

The situation where text makes the artwork itself is a fine line, and therefore you must accept that if you contribute backdrops with any kind of text, our moderators will in the end have the final ruling on weather the text makes the artwork itself, or is part of a screencap.

It is hard to describe these situations, but easier to see on the actual backdrops. Below is examples of backdrops containing text, which are acceptable, not acceptable, and some that are in some way in between, and where our moderator in the individual situation may decide for it or against it.



Not acceptable


Perhaps acceptable


Resolution and Scaling

The resolution of a backdrop must be of 1920x1080 (1080P), or 1280x720 (720P) pixel resolution, which is specifically these resolutions. The system will itself assure that your contributed backdrop is of one of these resolutions.

This resolution requirement is there to ensure the quality of the backdrop, and it is therefore not intended that an image is scaled in any way to accomplish the resolutions - this means that it is in most cases not acceptable to simply upscale a lower resolution image. The exception to this is if there with older movies isen't enough high quality material available to create a backdrop in the required resolution, in which case the artist may choose to upscale, sharpen and improve lower quality material.

Aspect Ratios

The aspect ratio of a 1080P or 720P image is 16:9, and contributing backdrops that are scaled from a different aspect ratio to fit this resolution is not acceptable, nor is it acceptable to contribute a backdrop as a screencap from a movie, with black bars added on top, buttom or on the sides of a backdrop, to make it match the 16:9 aspect ratio.

Shortly, this means that if you contribute a screencap from a movie that is not in 16:9 aspect ratio, the image must be a crop of the original image, rather than a scaled version of it, or placed on a white, black or other colored background.

If you crop a screencap, please notice the rules regarding image resolution. Again, it may be acceptable because of the age of a movie, meaning that higher quality backdrops is not possible, but it may also not be acceptable, if full quality backdrops is available, or could be made available.

Reporting Incorrect Backdrops

If you find a backdrop in our listings that you do not find to be complying with the rules of contribution, please report this to a moderator using the report tool. If the moderator decides with you, you will be rewarded a 5 point bonus for locating the incorrect backdrop. This process helps us ensure the quality of the backdrops in the service.